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Supavut Industry Mold Manufacture

Manufacture and Design

Mold manufacture and design for plastic automotive parts are mostly made to order for auto makers for both the domestic and overseas markets. The range of molds includes injection molds and blow molds.
Supavut Industry have acquired advanced die production technology and management techniques, as well as building on practical experience, and have developed and perfected quality control procedures to meet customers' world-class product quality requirements. At the same time we pay constant close attention to controlling operating costs and increasing efficiency, so as to ensure competitive pricing and high quality services for our customers.
Brand new high precision machines are used in our mold facilities (e.g. CNC 5 axis). CAD & CAE are used for mold design analysis in advance for product process efficiency. A qualified system is controlled to meet customer's quality requirements and schedule timing are managed.



Supavut Industry injection mold manufacture