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Supavut Industry Service and Delivery
Supavut Industry Co., Ltd anticipates the delivery and services by understanding the needs of its customers, to ensure response and prompt services that are fulfilled through the JIT (Just In Time) concept to enable building profitable long-term partnerships with its customers and acquire high prospective satisfaction.
Concept of JIT [Just In Time] is applying to strive the improvement of a production by using ERP software and barcode system to manage our supply chain route with enable us to:
1. Minimize stock leveraging and storage management
2. Control JIT delivery and ordering goods enquiries from customers.
3. Assist planning systems to serve managing time and overall productivity to serve customer enquiry and requirement
4. EDI system applied to improve ordering data transfer accuracy from customers through suppliers.
Hence this assistive high technology perform advantages in reduce the lost time and resource on paperless by focus on accurate data receiving through the EDI which interchanged the data since supplier interface, in house management through qualify goods delivery to customer’s site.
The delivery management consider using GPS system align with the ERP to adjust the route direction and timing management of each vehicles to ensure our goods product arrives to customer site on time.
Supply chain management visualizes our aims at providing best-in-class customer service and delivery by our work consolidation for leveraging our productivity world-class practices and standardization of professional expertise.

Supavut Industry Service and Delivery