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Supavut Industry Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) is the essential heart of Supavut Industry's operations in providing powerful ideas and user-friendly solutions to meet the stringent requirements and ever-changing customer specifications in the OEM automotive industry.

Supavut Industry's R&D programs are targeted toward finding solutions that are applicable to the real and practical situations, encompassing. the following:

  • Improvement of material and the fabrication processes.
  • Exploration of new technologies and processes.
  • Understanding environmental issues.

In order to achieve these objectives, Supavut Industry maintains close liaisons with local and global players in the OEM automotive industry. These strong collaborations with strategic alliances and market leaders enable Supavut Industry to keep up with the latest global trends and technologies for OEM automotive parts and components.

Up-to-date software and other CAD Programs in product design and development are used to produce high quality engineering data for its styling, prototyping and mass production.

Supavut also uses the latest technology and measuring equipment as well as sophisticated IT software to ensure that engineering data are accurately and reliably gathered for compatibility with CAD/CAM usage. The systems have proven their reliability, flexibility and robustness in a variety of measuring conditions.

Supavut Industry Research and Development