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Supavut Industry Plastics Factory
Supavut Industry's manufacturing facilities are equipped and operated by its skilled workforce to produce plastic products of superior quality. Supavut Industry adopt a responsive and systematic approach in managing the development and production processes of each product so that customers can enjoy total satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, and delivery plus engineering.
Quality checks of every product are carried out at each step of the manufacturing process. Innovative processes enable us to make substantial gains in productivity and competitiveness while adhering to the most stringent quality standards for the benefit of our customers. 
With customers increasingly focusing on post-delivery product performance, Supavut Industry has developed feedback and continuous improvement systems to interact with our customers' organizations. This information is fed back into the product development process and shared as appropriate with suppliers and customers.

Plastic Injection Molding Factory

Exterior, interior, functional and safety injection plastic part products which we specially profession in Seat component, pillar trims, instrument panels, door trims, floor consoles along with scruff plates and HVAC plastic part sets. We offer product design, material selection and cooperation together with customers for cost competitiveness.

Plastic Blow Molding Factory

Blow molded plastic part products for air conditioner systems are mainly produced in this group, air conditioning ducts for instantance.  Tank washers and nozzle hoses for wiper systems are also produced by the blow molded process. Other functional group parts such as steering boots, reservoir tanks, and spoilers are also produced.

Supavut Industry Plastics Factory